Psycho-educational Testing

Psycho-educational testing is made up of two types of assessments: psychological assessment and educational assessment. The testing is done for those who are experiencing barriers to successful performance in work, school, home, or in community settings. The results of a psycho-educational assessment can be helpful in understanding such barriers and working to overcome them. Also, results obtained are helpful to identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses and to help develop academic interventions. The testing process includes a comprehensive battery including cognitive and achievement measures, socio-emotional measures, and a developmental history. Psycho-educational testing can be done by Tashawna K. Duncan, Ph.D., P.A.

What are the goals of psycho-educational testing?

  • To obtain information about your child’s learning style and academic strengths and weaknesses
  • To assess for ADHD and/or cognitive deficits
  • To test for learning disabilities
  • To document the need for accommodations in school or on standardized tests
  • To document eligibility for special education or disability accommodations
  • To develop individualized recommendations to promote academic success
  • To understand behavioral and/or school performance deficits

What is usually involved in psycho-educational testing?

  • Intelligence testing
  • Achievement/academic testing
  • Attention and executive functioning testing
  • Memory testing
  • Visual-motor integration testing
  • Behavioral and emotional testing
  • Consultation with parents, teacher, and other professionals who work with your child
  • If applicable, review of previous test results, IEP’s, report cards, etc.